"I honestly thought we could have been something." - Haley Hendrick

by alexis aperture

"The piano is still here,
but your hands are gone with the rest of you.
I almost taped your face to the milk carton
because breakfast is empty without you sipping your tea,
and this is the only place I know to put
missing people.
I watch the children on the five o’clock news
grow into adults by eleven o’clock,
except now they’re on the other side of the line-up.
Everyday, a mother loses her child ,
and it’s always for a different reason.
I don’t know what it’s like to get lost accidentally
because my whole life I’ve been doing it on purpose.
What a privilege it is to choose to be hidden
when most people can’t even find themselves.
This poem is bleeding,
so that means you must be kissing someone new.
It’s okay, you can go home now. You don’t need excuses.
I understand if the island you are sinking your
feet into is softer than I was,
but I never meant to be something you
could stand on to get taller.
There is a cup of tea waiting here for you on the counter,
and it’s vanishing as we speak.
I’m not making another one for a while.
I guess you’ll just
have to disappear in someone else’s house
next time."
Y.Z, A trick of the three o’clock light (via rustyvoices)

(via rustyvoices)